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Self-designer of clothing. SKIRT

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Can't find the skirt you want that also fits well? DO IT YOURSELF! THIS COURSE IS FOR those who want to learn HOW TO DRAW skirt patterns according to given measurements for themselves and for new clients. HOW ARE OUR LESSONS GOING? Our course is on a closed internet platform, therefore, training takes place at any time and in any place where there is access to the Internet. The course consists of successive stages, including theory, video and homework, to consolidate the material covered. HOW LONG IS THE COURSE? You are given 16 WEEKS access to the training course. AFTER THE COURSE you will be able to use the learned technology of drawing a skirt pattern in your work. You will be able to offer different models of skirts for your customers and increase your income. Once you know how to build a basic skirt pattern, you can create any skirt of your dreams. REGISTER ON OUR SITE before you buy a course so that you have personal access to your course! JOIN! DON'T PUT IT OFF TOMORROW! DEVELOP NEW SKILLS!




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